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Future of Retail is Automated, Unmanned and Personalized.

 Future of Beauty is Effective, Accessible and Personalized.


Women spend a lot of time and money on trial and error and struggle to find skincare products that meet their specific needs.

  To address the increasing demand for personalized recommendations, beauty retailers  need to hire many more associates and train them consistently and add more store locations; however, this is costly and there are possibilities of human error or bias in the recommendations.    

Brands and retailers have limited access to customer’s feedback regarding products and customer’s skin needs and wants; this data can facilitate product development process and marketing efforts.

Consumers purchase many products to test and return a product if they feel it doesn’t work or irritates their skin. This creates a lot of waste, damages the environment and drives up cost for brands and retailers.



Skin Analysis and Personalized Recommendations

Skin Analysis Report and Marketplace

Personalized Skincare Community

Benefits For Retailers and Brands

Increased Traffic

Our technology enhances in-store experience and attracts more customers to the store.

Increased Conversion

Personalized recommendations at the point of sale eliminate the guess work and ambiguity and motivates the customers to purchase more products.

Data-Driven Product Development And Digital Marketing

Capturing unmatched data regarding the needs and wants of users that can be used to develop better products and to customize digital marketing communications.

Reduced Returns

Personalized product recommendations lower the likelihood of return, which results in less waste of money and resources.

Benefits For Skincare Enthusiasts

Discover Right Products And Routines 

Right skincare product is not the only reason behind a healthy skin; in Beyouty app, you can learn about the impact of lifestyle and environment on skin health and receive tailored recommendations to help you achieve better skin.

Learn From Real People With Similar Skin Conditions

Connect and share experiences with real people with similar skin conditions to you, not from celebrities and influencers with different skin types.

Save Time And Money

Tailored recommendations eliminate the guess work and the need for trial and error which save you time and money.

Less Waste And Less Harm To The Planet

With personalized recommendations based on your skin analysis, there is less chance that products you choose don’t work or irritate your skin which lowers the chance that you return and contribute to waste.

Accessible And Convenient

No need to reserve or wait in line t the store to get personalized recommendation. Access Beyouty app from anywhere and at anytime.


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